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Open Faced Breakfast Sandwich

April 25, 2010

As I was laying in bed Saturday morning wondering what I was going to make for breakfast, I suddenly had a brain storm that, in my humble opinion, was brilliant!  I’d make an open faced breakfast sandwich!  After all I had fresh home made bread from my new-to-me bread machine!  This would be perfect!

Just a note, this recipe is, in pieces, pretty simple.  However, if you are not a person who can multi-task in the kitchen, it may be a bit more difficult.  You could do each step one at a time, however, I found that making it so that it all comes together at once is a bit better.  Although, if you wait until the sauce for last, it works out so that it warms up anything that might have gotten cold as it waited.

Serves: 2

WW Points:  I haven’t put it in to determine the number of points, but I think it might be higher on the points side.


20100424 109 2 think slices of bread (use Texas toast if you don’t have homemade, I sliced my homemade into 1” thick slices)

Butter (to taste for buttering bread)

3 eggs

1-2 slices of onion

2-4 mushrooms

3 TBS Butter

3 TBS Flour

2 Cups milk

Fresh Ground Pepper to taste


20100424 110


Butter Knife


Small bowl



Sauce pan


I’m going to give the directions for each, but remember that these are tasks that you will be doing almost simultaneously.

For the bread, if you are using homemade, slice two slices about an inch thick.  Toast the bread in the toaster.20100424 11420100424 115

When the bread comes out of the toaster,place on center of plate and butter.

20100424 124

If you like them (and I love them, but my husband doesn’t), put a thin slice of onion on the bread:

20100424 138

Thinly slice the mushrooms and put those on the bread as well:

20100424 139

This is the foundation to your open-faced sandwich.  Now, if you (or your husband-I’m-just-saying) doesn’t like onions or mushrooms, then you can leave those out; however I think they add a lot of flavor.

Okay, now, while the toast is toasting and the butter melting (we’ll get to that in another step) crack the eggs leaving one whole egg and just egg whites from the rest into a bowl.

Put a splash of milk into the egg and scramble them up:

20100424 111 In the heated skillet, put some oil:20100424 112   Put the egg in the skillet:20100424 116 Now, if you do it like me, put that skillet in a heated oven to finish cooking, otherwise, you can just flip it like an omelet or even scramble.  20100424 117 I’m actually pretty sure that a fried egg would be really tasty on this as well.  Cut it in half and place the egg over the bread/mushroom/onions20100424 14220100424 143

Okay, now, while the toast is toasting and the skillet is heating and/or the eggs are in the oven, put the 3 TBS of butter in a sauce pan and gently melt:

20100424 118 20100424 121  You want it well melted and, according to your taste, you can even brown it just a little.  It gives a bit of a nuttier flavor.

Add one TBS of flour:

20100424 127 Whisk it together and add another TBS of butter. 

20100424 129 If it DOESN’T look like this, then add another TBS of flour, if it does, then you don’t need any more flour…but you NEED it to look like this:20100424 130 See how the butter and the flour make a thick paste?  That’s what you need.

Now, this is wear things get tricky because, most likely, this may be where the toast and egg are really ready for some attention.  Try to plan it so that it’s just before this step…it takes some practice, but I know you can do it.

So, now take the 2 cups of milk and add JUST A LITTLE TINY BIT!  When they say SLOWLY add milk, they mean SLOWLY add milk.

Add just a splash to cover the flour and butter mixture and whisk together.

20100424 131 20100424 133 Once you start this process you are going to be tied up because you need to CONSTANTLY stir/whisk the mixture in the sauce pan.

Once the first bit of milk has completely absorbed the flour mixture and it is smooth with no lumps:

20100424 134 Slowly whisk in more milk.   The idea is SLOW.  Drizzle it in so that you are not overwhelming the HOT mixture with COLD milk, you want to give the milk a chance to stay hot and the cooler milk to heat up quickly.

Remember…KEEP WHISKING/STIRRING; you don’t want it to burn on the bottom and it will happen!

Add some freshly ground pepper, to taste, I like it peppery:

20100424 135 And, you guessed it, KEEP WHISKING/STIRRING

Keep this up until it begins to bubble and boil.  The boiling will help thicken the sauce.  You need to continue with the stirring until it’s as thick as you like it.  I like mine a lot thick, but not gloppy.

20100424 137     20100424 148 A good way to test is to stick a knife or a spoon in the sauce and, if it sticks to the utensil it’s ready:

20100424 149 Now, drizzle the sauce over the egg…oh who am I kidding, pour that sauce right over that!

20100424 152

Just pour it on!

20100424 151 

 My Thoughts:

Good for you?  Heck no!  But this is a great country type of breakfast.  The country gravy (or as I call it, white sauce) if delicious and very easy to make).  The egg, thick bread, mushrooms, and onions really make this absolutely delectable!

My husband very much enjoyed it and this is a breakfast that lasted me until late in the afternoon.  Which really made it worth the points that I am sure it cost because, wow it’s good!

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  1. April 27, 2010 4:03 am

    That looks so good. You can’t beat a good white sauce that you can soak up with bread!

    I have an award for you on my blog:


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