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Kitchen Tools-Kitchen Towels

April 28, 2010

 There are many tools, appliances, things that you can buy to have in your kitchen.  There are entire stores dedicated to tools and supplies for kitchens (home and business). 

However, I have found that there are many supplies that you really don’t need.  There are others that are a must have.  I am going to start a series on here about the tools in my kitchen.

I have a very loose/general rule in my kitchen as to what I bring in for it: the tool has to have more than one purpose!

Now, there are some items that have only one purpose that you just can’t do without…I can’t think of anything specific right now, but there are some.

There are also some items that, on the surface, have only one purpose, but I find when you are creative with their uses, they have more than one use.  Take for example an egg slices.  You know, the kind that slices hard boiled eggs into perfect round slices or wedges?  Well, you can use those to slice up soft fruits for fruit salads quickly and even some soft cheese as well.  See!  Multiple uses.

I’ll be reviewing some of those items as well later, however to day, as the title indicates, I want to talk about a MUST HAVE for every kitchen.

You cannot have a kitchen without the kitchen towel…multiple kitchen towels!  I have THREE hanging on my oven door and another one sitting by the sink and, often time, I have one more hanging on my shoulder; plus let’s not forget the drawer full of about 6 more that I have waiting for their turn.

I like my towels to be absorbent.  I see kitchen towels that are a thin material and I really don’t like those; however, if you do and it works for you, I’m not going to knock it.

For our wedding, someone got us this set here from Target and, since it’s red, it’s my favorite:

It’s also my favorite because those are the thickest towels in my collection.  Yes, I use the pot holder there as well, but not nearly as much as the towels and, actually, very rarely.  See, towels aren’t just for drying.  I use them all the time for many tasks:

Drying Dishes after washing*
Drying Dishes as they come out of the Dishwasher**
Drying hands after washing
Drying hands after handling wet foods
As a drop cloth on the floor when I am getting messy
Wiping up spills off the floor***
Cleaning off tops of cans before opening
Drying fruit after washing
As Pot Holders (be sure it’s DRY)
Sweeping off the countertop from crumbs****
To cover bread dough or other items that need to “rest”
To cover items to keep them warm
To cover items to keep them clean and other things out of them as they wait
*yes, I know air drying is best, but sometimes you need that item immediately
**you know how the cups and other items pool water on the tops there…yeah
***Yes, I make sure to immediately put it in the laundry after being on the floor; or I just leave it there for immediately future spills during the preparation…yes, I’m THAT messy at times
****Yes, I’m THAT messy; but I also sweep up immediately, oh, I really sweep them into the sink, but you get the idea
The kitchen towel is a staple to the kitchen at all times.  I rarely ever use a potholder.  I just fold up the towel and call it a day.  Need to rest a hot pot down?  Towel!
So, what do you use your kitchen towels for?  Do you prefer thick and absorbent or thin and pretty?
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