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Cooking Tips – Is it still good?

May 8, 2010
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One of the arguments debates heated discussions conversations we often get into around here is about the “expiration” date on items. 

In reality, they aren’t expiration dates, rather “sell by” dates…my dear husband has been trained by his mother* that the date on the bottle of milk is the date to toss it out!

I’m not kidding you!  Seriously!  Stop laughing, it’s frustrating.  Want to know how I solve this?  I, literally, BLACK OUT the date on the milk.  This solve most of our problems because I don’t get frustrated with him secretly throwing out a half gallon of milk when I know it’s perfectly good AND it allows me to still serve it to him and he’ll drink it because, apparently, when I black it out the milk inside the bottle doesn’t get the memo on the date that says “Okay, it’s almost midnight, 20 more seconds and you have to go sour!”

I have honestly used that argument with him; the one about the milk just waiting for the date on the bottle to decide, “okay, I’m going bad now.”  Why?  Because, I kid you not, one night at about 9:30 he had a glass of milk. The next morning, at about 7:30, I put breakfast out and he WOULD NOT DRINK THE MILK because the date on the bottle was that day!

It’s not just milk, either.  It’s EVERYTHING!  I could kill the person who decided that every single item on the grocery store shelf needed to have a date on the darn bottle/box/can/jar/etc…  There are some things that will last forever.  Forget the fact that the man does not cook a thing!!! I could almost see if he actually cooked something, but the most cooking he does is to stick something in the microwave to reheat it!

Now, some of these things will lose QUALITY, but they don’t go bad.  They just don’t taste as good.  Would I serve them to anyone other than me?  Eh, probably not.  However, that date does not mean I must toss it out!

Oh, and don’t get me started on the freezing argument because I seriously don’t know how/when he determines something that has been frozen reaches it’s date but you can keep it for x amount of time if it’s been frozen but not past x amount of time.

So I have found a website that has helped me debate my side solve our little problem.  I LOVE this website and decided that I should pass it on to all of you should you have a husband that is remotely as particular as mine about food (forget the fact that he would eat at the nasty, gross fast food places and other places where you now they aren’t so particular about tossing food on their dates).

What I love about this site is that you can type in ANYTHING…I seriously mean anything in the search bar and know when you should toss it regularly, when you should toss it if you freeze it, and handy tips in determining if it’s no good.

Oh yes, this site has won me many arguments stopped many arguments before they even begin…I love it!

So, are you on the use-milk-before-the-date-on-the-bottle group or the use-milk-until-it-starts-to-taste-funny group?  Tell me I’m not alone and that it’s weird that the husband in this house is more concerned about dates on food, right?

*Please note that I LOVE my mother-in-law.  Her and I?  Best buds!  Seriously, I mean it.  She doesn’t even read this blog and I’m saying it, so you know it must be true, right?  There are just some things that she taught her boys that makes it very difficult to be a rational wife at times…who’s with me?

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