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Honey Wheat Bread Machine Bread

May 9, 2010
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I know not everyone is as high-tech as me and has a bread machine…oh yeah, I just got one a few weeks ago and only because my mom didn’t want hers anymore and was kind enough to pack it in an empty piece of luggage for a flight in just to give it to me (true story).  However, I’m sure some of you have a bread machine and will greatly appreciate some recipes, right?

For those of you who don’t have one, that’s okay.  I have found that bread really is as simple as mixing the ingredients together and kneading for a while, letting it rest, and kneading it for a bit more, then, let it rest and rise and then bake it…it’s that simple!  So, even if you don’t have a machine to do it for you, you can still make these recipes by hand (goodness knows I’ve done that many times and, I have found, sourdough doesn’t work well in bread machines so I end up still making that by hand).

Let’s start with a simple, but yummy, bread, shall we?  This is a Honey Wheat Bread and makes a small loaf.


20100508 046Bread machine

Measuring cups and spoons

Yes, it really is that minimal


20100508 0471 Cup warm water

1/4 Cup vegetable oil (used canola and it worked beautifully)

2 TBS honey

1 tsp salt

2 Cups bread flour

1 Cup whole wheat flour (I actually didn’t have this and just used 3 cups bread flour…worked out great)

1 package of Active dry yeast


Pour in the water:20100508 048

Then the oil:

20100508 049Next the honey:

20100508 050Now the salt:

20100508 051Next, the flour:

20100508 052ALL of it:

20100508 053Last, the yeast:

20100508 054You can see that this time I used the Rapid Rise; I had it in my cabinet because I thought it MUST be rapid rise from a previous recipe I tried (and failed…yes, I admit, not everything turns out perfectly for me when I cook…actually, it rarely turns out perfectly).

The Fresh and Easy, my absolutely favorite store, only carries yeast in the packets; I may have to break down and go to the other store for the jar of yeast, especially since I use it so often now.  However, before I break down and go there, I have written a note of request to Fresh and Easy and am hoping that they might see the error of their ways and start having yeast available in jars…I’m just saying!

Where were we?  Oh yes, cut open that packet and pour it in:

20100508 055One of the reasons I really want to get yeast in a jar is because, rumor has it, that you don’t need as much yeast in the recipes as it holds in each package, but what are you going to do with an open package?

One thing that you must understand about me is that when it comes to cooking, I’m really cheap.  No, really!  The reason I make so many things from scratch is because it saves me TONS of money doing so!  Yeah, the benefit is that I get to cook, but I would go for some of the processed foods if it were cheaper…maybe…Okay, I’d probably still make them from scratch, but really I started it all because I am just plain CHEAP!

Now, look inside the bread pan thingy and make sure it looks good:

20100508 056Yes, if you notice, the wet ingredients are on the bottom while the dry ingredients kind of float on top keeping the yeast nice and dry on the top there.

If you are going to have it start immediately, this isn’t too big a deal.  However, if you are planning a delay start so that it begins while you are sleeping and you wake up to nice warm homemade bread, well, it’s a good idea to keep the yeast as far from the wet ingredients as possible so it doesn’t activate too soon.

Now, plop that bread pan right into the machine:

20100508 057Make sure to press all the magic buttons according to your machine’s instructions.  I like a light crust, so I make sure to press that button:

20100508 060If I want it to start later, I push the timer, but this occasion I wanted it NOW…well, 4 hours from now, but you get the idea, right?

20100508 061If you’re a kid at heart like me, you’ll hover over the window and watch the magic as things start to mix together.  No, really, I could stand for hours and just watch it mix things together doing all the hard work:

20100508 067Then it rises and does it’s magic things:

20100508 069Then, because I also have the attention span of a fly, I get side tracked and suddenly it is much later than the bread was due to be done, but that doesn’t matter a bit:

20100508 071It still looks good and yummy.  Pop that baby out of the bread pan:

20100508 073Most pans are extremely non-stick and they slide right out.  On occasion mine doesn’t pop out but that has nothing to do with the non-stick and everything to do with the paddle not wanting to give up the yumminess.

Now, admire your small loaf of bread:

20100508 074But don’t just admire it too long, cut into that baby!  Look, I was so excited about this loaf that I forgot to take a picture of the slices!  It was good!

My Comments:

Now, I love this bread because it is very versatile.  I can easily cut this thin and use it to make sandwiches.  I can also cut it thick and use it to make French toast.  Oh, and the garlic bread this makes?  Yummy!  It really is a great all around bread.

A side note on making breads, I have heard that you don’t need bread flour to make bread, but since it doesn’t cost anymore than all-purpose, I go ahead and buy the bread flour.  This way, my all-purpose is there when I need it for other things like cookies…I’m just saying!

Also, I’ve heard that in bread machines it doesn’t matter if it’s quick acting or regular yeast.  I have used both in different recipes and have pretty much the same results with either one.  The breads turn out fine; so don’t not make bread just because it’s not quick rise yeast…both are good.

Finally, I am going to start a new form here.  I’m going to walk you through the recipe, but then at the end of the post I will be putting the recipe.  This way, if you’re like me and want to print it out, you can easily just copy and paste what is there…OR you can visit me (friend me?) over at Key Ingredient (my screen name is mynenni).  I’m hoping to put up recipes as I post them over here.  What do you think?  To all of that?  The recipes at the end…the joining me at key ingredient…etc…?

Honey Wheat Bread Machine Bread

1 Cup warm WATER



1 tsp SALT





In bread pan, place all ingredients in the order listed above.  Select basic bread setting (make sure to select crust color, size if necessary, etc…)

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