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Kitchen Tips – Trash Container

June 1, 2010

While cooking, you often end up with little scraps that need to go in the trash before they get in your way, but taking it to the large trash can is time consuming…okay not very time consuming, but it can interrupt the flow of what you are doing.

How do I solve this?  I get a small container in which I can just toss everything into without interrupting the flow and keeping it out of the way:

I use this container to put in those ends of garlic and green onions, onion skins, everything!  Sometimes, depending on what I’m cooking, I get a larger container like a large Country Crock Butter container that I’ve cleaned out…it works perfect!

Deveining shrimp?  There’s the container:

It’s a perfect solution!

Since the majority of what goes in here is food products, once we start our garden and composing, I’ll probably just take this out and dump into the compost as well! 

There are occasions, when non-food trash goes in here though, the plastic from cheese slices when making grilled cheese sandwiches or cheese burgers is what comes to mind immediately.

So, how do you handle trash in the kitchen while you cook?

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