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Back to the Basics with Measuring Flour

June 2, 2010

I used to be the type that just stuck my measuring cup into the flour jar, scooped, and dumped…not anymore.  I now measure the correct way.

Why is it so important?  Well, when flour sits, it settles and gets compacted and you actually want your flour to be light and airy.  Often times, people will measure and sift the flour for recipes.  I must admit, that most of the time, I only measure properly and don’t worry about sifting…I’m sure sometime soon I’ll actually get into the sifting as well.

I really can tell a difference when I measure accurately as opposed to the times that I scoop and dump.

So, want to know how to measure flour the proper way?

Okay, first get your measuring cup:


Next, get a large spoon and scoop a spoonful of flour (note how the flour easily heaps well above the spoon, evidence that it’s settled and compacted): Put the spoonful into the measuring cup:

Continue with spooning the flour until it heaps well above the measuring cup:

Next, take the backside of a knife and run it across the top of the measuring cup:

This makes an even measuring…plus, it’s kind of fun:

Finally, dump the flour into your bowl, or, if you are doing things even more right, dump the flour you just measured into a sieve over a bowl and sift the flour through.

One tip that I heard that keeps me measuring accurately is to keep the spoon and knife in the flour jar so that it’s convenient and always available.

Do you make sure to measure your flour correctly?  Or are you of the scoop and dump crowd?

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