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Back to the Basics with Butterfly Shrimp

June 14, 2010

Awhile back we talked about deveining shrimp.  Have you all been practicing?  Today we’re going to take it a step further and butterfly that shrimp.  It’s really quite simple but I like to butterfly my shrimp before breading it in any way.  There’s nothing saying you have to, but in my mind, I feel like I’m getting more if it’s butterflies.


Make sure when you are peeling your shrimp to leave the tails on.  You could do it with the tails off, but the tail kind of holds everything together real nice:

Now, the easiest way is to lay the shrimp in it’s back and then run the knife right down the length of it.  You don’t want to go all the way through, only slightly.  About 7/8 of the way through:   

Basically, if you go through the meat and just leave the more “skin layer” intact, you’ll be perfect:

Yes, I know shrimp don’t have skin, that’s why we peel the hard shell off, but it’s the best way to describe that outer layer.

Now, with your shrimp sliced and still laying on his back, just spread out the two sides you just cut:

It makes a nice butterfly effect!

Now you can bake it, fry it, batter it, whatever you want!

What’s your favorite way to enjoy shrimp?

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