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Safety First – Treating a minor burn

June 16, 2010

20100612 019 With all the cooking I do (and I am sure many of you do) there is always a risk of injury.  I figured it might be a good idea to add some safety tips around here.

Why?  Well, I made a HUGE safety mistake the other day and had my camera handy so…you all now get to benefit.

What did I do?  Yeah, well, you know those awesome pots I have that can go in the oven?  I do this all the time, you would think I would learn.

I took them out of the oven, they were sitting there and I went to scoop the dish out and, forgetting that it had been in the oven, I grabbed the handle to steady the pan with OUT a pot holder…I quickly let go, shook my hand, and then, went to my first aid thoughts:


Now, first aid will say run it under for 20 minutes.  YES!  But this was so minor, I really only did it for about 5 minutes.  The idea is that you want to STOP THE BURNING.

See, just because you let go of the pan doesn’t mean the burning isn’t still continuing.  If you don’t run it under water, the “cooking of your skin” is still continuing…run it under cold water.

DO NOT put it directly on ice…you’ll get freezer burn

DO NOT put oil or any other greasy items on it…you’ll encourage more cooking!  Fry that skin!

DO NOT wrap it in a wet cloth

Any questions?

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