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Greek Style yogurt out of ANY yogurt

June 24, 2010

You know how yesterday I showed you how to make homemade yogurt?  And turn that to Greek style yogurt?  And remember how easy it was? 

Well, I have a secret.  You can make Greek style yogurt out of ANY YOGURT!  No, really! 

You don’t have to actually make the home made stuff.  You can just go buy a container of yogurt and make it into Greek style.

Now, I wouldn’t do it with the 4 oz containers because, really, is it worth it?  No, buy the LARGE container.  It just makes more sense.

I mean, you could use the 4 oz ones, but again, not really worth it.

So, it’s simple, really…pour the yogurt into a coffee filter lined colander:

  Place the colander in a bowl so it’s hanging:


Place the whole thing into the refrigerator (note, this one I DO put into the refrigerator…I know, I don’t make much sense to myself either)

After a few hours, you can see that the yogurt is compacted:

Even later, it’s even more compacted:

You’ll be able to run a fork through it and it will retain the lines in it…it’s thick!

That’s what you want!  You can put it back into it’s original container if you want, that’s what I did.  It’s just more convenient that way.

I’ve only ever tried this with plain yogurt because I actually like plain yogurt better than any other flavor.  Has anyone ever tried it with fruit or other flavors?

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