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Home Made Miracle Whip

July 3, 2010

I am a mayonnaise kind of person.  The Husband is a Miracle Whip kind of person.  I caved.  I buy Miracle Whip for him.  I absolutely refuse to have both in the house for only one reason:  I’m too cheap.

I mean, seriously, you don’t through enough of either to make it worth having both in the house so, I just suffer with Miracle Whip.  I don’t hate the stuff, I just prefer mayo.  Well, I decided to try out making my own Miracle Whip the other day.  Is it healthier than the real stuff?  No, it’s the same.  So this wasn’t an exercise in healthier eating, just more of the let’s-get-rid-of-the-processed-food-when-I-can-make-it-from-scratch-I-will.



Measuring cups

Measuring spoons

Sauce pan



1/2 tsp SALT


3 TBS LEMON JUICE (or vinegar if you don’t have lemon juice)

1 1/2 cup OIL

1 1/2 TBS CORNSTARCH (or flour)

1 tsp dry MUSTARD (or regular mustard if you don’t have dry)

1/2 cup boiling WATER



Drop two egg yolks into the blender…EGG YOLKS!  Not the whole egg.  Save the egg whites for something healthy like waffles or something.

  Add the salt:

Add the powdered sugar…I LOVE powdered sugar on French Toast…I’m just saying…never thought I would be using it in a recipe for Miracle Whip…but it works!

Then add JUST ONE of the Tablespoons of lemon juice.  If you don’t have lemon juice, you can use vinegar, but try for the lemon juice…you’re going to be adding more vinegar later.

Turn on the blender and get ready.

Just keep blending it…it is going to be doing this for a while.  Well, with a few more ingredients in the mix, but just turn it on and get ready.

Now, your blender should have a really cool function where you can take the center out of the lid…USE THAT!  If not, you will have things flying all over the kitchen (don’t ask me how I know…just know that I have learned this lesson YEARS ago!).

Now, with that center of the lid out, measure out ONE CUP of the oil and pour very, very, very, very, very, S   L   O   W   L   Y!

Like VERY slowly.  Like a teeny, tiny trickle…you want this to blend in with all the ingredients completely.  If you dump it all in at once it won’t work.  If you go too fast, it won’t work.  If you notice it’s not mixing in very well you are pouring too fast…stop for a bit and keep the blender going…

See, I’m still pouring:

Don’t look at the clock, it doesn’t matter how long it takes.  It can take 5 full minutes and that is fast enough!  Seriously!  See?  I’m STILL POURING!

Do you get the idea?  VERY VERY SLOWLY!

Once the oil is poured in it will look a bit like this:

Now, get that other half a cup of oil and pour that in…SLOWLY…

not AS slowly as the first cup, but keep an eye on it.  See how you can see the oil at the top:

Then it disappears because it’s been completely blended in:

Once you get all the oil in, add the other 2 tablespoons of lemon juice into the blender with it still going:

Again, make sure that it is completely mixed in.  Once it’s all blended, turn it off.  It should look like this about now:

Just ignore it for a bit.  Focus on the other ingredients.  Put the sauce pan on a burner with the water to boil it:

While you’re waiting for it to boil, mix together the cornstarch (this is to help it thicken):

The vinegar:

And the mustard.  If you don’t have dry mustard, that’s okay.  Just add a little more than a teaspoon into the mixture and mix it up:

  Now, your water should be boiling:

Add the mustard mixture into the boiling water:

Get your whisk and mix constantly.  It will thicken pretty quickly:

I actually found myself taking it OFF the heat and still mixing it.  You want the consistency of glue (I know, an attractive thought, but go with it).  Once you get it the right consistency, turn that blender back on and SLOWLY add this mixture to the blender:

See how it all mixed together:

You might need to use a rubber scraper to push all of it down but make sure you turn the blender off first…again, don’t ask how I know that, just know that it probably has everything to do with  luck and not my own common sense reasoning that I  have never lost a finger/hand/appendage in the kitchen…I’m just saying.

Now, see that:

That is the end product.  PERFECT (if I do say so myself).

Now, pour that into a container that has a tight sealing lid:

And put it into the refrigerator.  It tastes best if you let it cool completely before using…but look at that:

I mean, don’t you just want to go make a bunch for yourself?  Go ahead!  Then you can place it on a piece of bread, not tell you husband, and see which one he likes best…I did!  Read below for the results.

My Comments:

This was much more involved than making regular mayonnaise (yes, I’ll post a recipe for that as well in the future) and I was a bit surprised at that at first.  However, it still was pretty simple to make.

What did The Husband think about it?  Well, I gave him a completely blind taste test.  By completely blind I mean I handed him a plate with a slice of bread cut in half with the store bought Miracle Whip and my own home made version on either piece.  I handed him the plate and told him to taste.  He wasn’t sure what he was testing.  I think he actually thought it was the bread he was testing.  When I asked him which one he liked best, he told me the second one he tasted…that one was mine!  Whoo hoo!

So, the Miracle Whip lover liked mine better than the brand name!  Yeah!  Needless to say, this will be in the refrigerator at our house from now on.  No need to waste my money on the store bought kind.



1/2 tsp SALT


3 TBS LEMON JUICE (or vinegar if you don’t have lemon juice)

1 1/2 cup OIL

1 1/2 TBS CORNSTARCH (or flour)

1 tsp dry MUSTARD (or regular mustard if you don’t have dry)

1/2 cup boiling WATER



Using a blender, blend egg yolks, salt, powdered sugar and 1 TBS of the lemon juice until well blended.  If you don’t have a blender, you can use an electric mixer.

With the blender still on, S  L  O  W  L  Y pout 1 cup oil into the blender. SLOW!  Like it should take you a VERY LONG TIME to get that into it. 5 minutes is okay!  The slower the better!

Add the remaining 1/2 cup oil a little faster, but still on the slow side.  You don’t want to dump it all in at once.

Add the remaining 2 TBS of lemon juice.

Once all of that is completely blended, turn off the blender for a bit and turn attention to the other ingredients.

Boil the water and mix the cornstarch, mustard, and vinegar into the boiling water until smooth.  Heat over low heat in a saucepan constantly stirring until it is smooth and paste-like; but make sure it doesn’t get too thick.

Turn the blender back on and slowly add the hot mixture with what’s in the blender and blend well.  Turn off and scrape sides if necessary and then turn back on.  Make sure it is all well blended.

Once it is blended, put it into a container with a lid to be put into the refrigerator.  Allow to cool completely before using.

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  1. July 4, 2010 8:14 am

    Another winner that I’m bookmarking to make along with your yogurt!!!! Thank you so much for sharing this!!!

    • July 4, 2010 8:24 am

      I’m glad you like it! I’ll be adding mayonnaise later this week, too.

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