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Guessing Game

August 14, 2010

photoAre you ready?  I thought I might add a new fun game into the mix.  I am always talking about Fresh and Easy and I thought I just might let you play a guessing game to show you all why I love this place so much.  I’m going to list the items I bought yesterday and you get to guess how much I spent…are you ready?  and…GO!

Green Onions (5.5 oz)

Dry Black Beans 1 lb

Country Crock butter 15oz

Frozen Cut Corn


Miracle Whip (30 oz)

Elbow Macaroni (16 oz)

Grn Enchilada sauce

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (16 oz)

Pork Chops (8 count)

1 gal 2% Milk

Salsa Verde

Tortilla Chips

Plain Yogurt (32 oz)

Sour Cream (16 oz)

Russet Potato (48 oz)

Iceberg Lettuce (1 head)

Apples 3 count

Stick butter (16 oz)

Oranges (2 lbs)

English Cucumber (1 count)

Lamb Shoulder (1.12 lb)

Ground Turkey (1.25 lb)

Filleted Tilapia (.5 lb)

Pork Riblets (1.24 lbs)

Farmer John Sausage Links

Grated Parmesan Cheese

Pillsbury Buttermilk Biscuit

Bell Peppers (one green one red)

Banana (5 count)

Total= ?????

So, leave your answers in the comments.  I’d like to say there will be a prize but, unfortunately, I’m not that kind of blogger yet that has prizes at my disposal…but I look forward to seeing what your guesses are!  If you would like to ask questions to gain an advantage, feel free to do so…I’ll answer!

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