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Back to the Basics – Banana Thirds

August 29, 2010

banana2Okay, this isn’t really back to the basics in one way because I know for a fact that MOST people don’t know this fact about bananas.  Every time I mention this little fact to anyone, they look at me like I’m from another planet.  First, they don’t believe me…then, they wonder how in the world I ever learned this little fact…then they make fun of me for actually putting this useful fact into practice EVERY SINGLE TIME I eat a banana.

So, what is this gem of a fact?  Is it the fact that monkeys actually eat bananas from the bottom end?  Thus, when you peel from the bottom end of the banana, you immediately eliminate that little end piece that no one ever eats?  Nope, although, I DO peel my bananas from the bottom, I guess that would be an interesting banana fact that I put into practice every single time…that doesn’t quite get the same you-are-a-strange-one look this other fact always gets…

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Pork Chop Pocket

August 24, 2010

Last week I was looking for something quick and simple and different to do with some pork chops.  I even considered the BBQ.  While thinking about that, I remembered someone had once made me some chicken in a pocket of foil on the BBQ and it was a quick and easy meal and clean up.  EVERYTHING was in the pocket and I thought, surely, there has GOT to be a recipe like that for pork chops, right?  Well, I found a really good one and I LOVED it!  So much that in a week’s time I’ve already made it twice!

The best part?  It’s only 7 WW points for one serving of EVERYTHING!

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Potato Salad – 4 points

August 22, 2010

I love a good old-fashioned picnic, I just love it a lot better if there were things for far fewer calories!  Well, I found this recipe for potato salad and I LOVE it!  It is really good and has all the good flavors your want in a potato salad, with far less calories!  This is a mere 4 points per 3/4 cup serving!  Hope you enjoy!

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50/50 Drink

August 17, 2010

I make this often for myself.  When ever I talk about it, everyone thinks it’s gross…until they taste it!  Have you ever had a 50/50 ice cream bar?  This tastes just like that!  How did I get to making it?  I had a 3 year old girl in one of my classrooms who used to squeeze her oranges into her milk.  When I commented on it to her mom, she said, “Yeah, her grandpa taught her that one.  Have you tried it?  It’s actually really good!”

I looked at her skeptically…then I went home and tried it…I have never gone back!

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And the answer is…

August 16, 2010

photo2 $46.90

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Oven Pancake

August 15, 2010

When I used to buy pancake mixes (I don’t buy them anymore…I make pancakes from scratch and I make biscuits and waffles and everything else that those mixes are good for from scratch…well, except for the biscuits that I buy from the refrigerated section because I’m just a bit too lazy in the morning to make biscuits, a whole other story) there was a recipe on the box for an oven baked pancake…my husband loved those!  So, this morning, I decided to try and make one of those but from scratch.  I looked online for some oven baked pancake recipes.

I cam up with so many that I don’t even know where I got this one.  Let me say, it is NOT like the one I used to make.  The one I used to make was much more dense and more cake-like; this is fluffy, light, and fun!  It was still very good!

I had it serve 2 for 9 points a serving; however, you can make it serve 4 at 4 points a serving.  There were just two of us and so we ate it all up.

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Guessing Game

August 14, 2010

photoAre you ready?  I thought I might add a new fun game into the mix.  I am always talking about Fresh and Easy and I thought I just might let you play a guessing game to show you all why I love this place so much.  I’m going to list the items I bought yesterday and you get to guess how much I spent…are you ready?  and…GO!

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