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Sandwich Thins

July 18, 2010

First I have to apologize for taking so long to get a new post up.  I know I warned you all that I didn’t plan on posting every day; but this was way too long, don’t you think?  We’ve had some family emergencies happen and then I had a fabulous trip to Disneyland with my nephew, brother, and parents.  So, here we are and let’s get back to what this blog is about: cooking!

Remember this post?  The one where I tell you how to make hamburger and hot dog buns?  Remember that?

Well, I finally got around to make an effort to make sandwich thins with the same recipe.  With one idea, I got this recipe to double the number of buns I get out of it AND make each helping healthier…Okay, in reality, OF COURSE they are going to be better for you if it is LESS bread, right? 

That’s why I have to laugh at everyone who is so impressed with these sandwich thins because they are “healthier” than hamburger buns…the secret is simply that THERE IS LESS BREAD!

But, I can say that I do enjoy them more than regular hamburger buns simply because there is less bread and, the home made version, seems to have a better texture on the crust.  I like them!  Let me know what you think?

First, take that dough out and cut it like you originally cut it (8 pieces for hamburgers, remember) then cut each of those 8 pieces in half (now you have 16 pieces) and then cut each of THOSE in half again (you should end up with 32 pieces that look something like this:)

Simply take all those pieces (one at a time) and roll them thin:

I made them about 1/8 of an inch thin and it seemed perfect for me.  Then, place them onto a baking sheet and let them rise for about 15-20 minutes…really you’re just letting the dough rest from being worked because, as sandwich thins, you don’t want too much of a rise on them:

Bake as you usually would, checking in on them about 5 minutes earlier just to make sure they don’t burn; but these took almost exactly the same amount of time as the regular hamburger buns: 

You want that nice golden color on them.

I allowed mine to cook on the baking sheet, then I just put them all into a bag.

Now, unlike the regular hamburger buns, I would suggest using TWO thins for each sandwich you make; don’t cut these in half.  I guess you could, but I don’t see it working out so well…although, let me know if you do how it works out!

So, comments?  Questions?  What would you like to see me tackle next?

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